Episode 08 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' - Eli and Ashley are at a wine-tasting class and Ashley apologizes for how boring the class is. They end up making jokes and afterwards Eli blames Ashley for getting them in trouble. Ashley admits she's had trouble keeping from ripping Eli's clothes off. They end up back at his apartment stripping and getting to know each other better while falling into bed. Later, Eli wakes up and hears music outside. He goes out and finds himself overlooking the city in the year 2049 and listening to a car ad for a solar-powered car. On a broadcast screen, a man, Irving Wallender, is giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a woman, Genny Clarke. Eli starts applauding. Ashley comes out and asks what he's doing. He claims he's applauding her but she's skeptical.

Eli goes to see Frank, who is dealing with another patient. Eli says he picked up a chai latte at Dr. Lee's Eastern wellness center down the street, and Frank says that he studied with her under the same Dark Arts teacher, Nurhachi. He notices that Eli is happy and figures he had sex, and Eli thanks him and tells him about the vision, then leaves.

At the office, Eli asks Patti to try and find Clarke, and she quickly figures out that Eli had a successful date as well. Meanwhile, Taylor offers to represent Jordan in his divorce case against her stepmother and he's reluctant, but Taylor refuses to hear it.

Patti tracks down the various Genny Clarkes and comes up with a Gennelle Clarke who works at a Work Bench store and lives in a trailer court. Eli goes to see the woman, who doesn't know why she'd need a lawyer. Suddenly FBI agents in black vans pull up and arrest her for alleged terrorist activity. Eli offers to represent her as the FBI secures the area.

Eli calls in Keith to meet with Genny and they discover the FBI has charged her with extracting radioactive material from common items at her business to use as a terrorist weapon. She says she wasn't working on a bomb and Eli informs her that she was working on cold fusion. Genny refuses to confirm or deny or testify.

Maggie meets with Ashley and suggests she champion sea otters, but Ashley isn't interested in PR. She gets a text message from Eli and chuckles, and then asks Maggie about him, admitting she's dating him. Maggie says he's great but Ashley explains about what happened with Eli applauding. Ashley knows about his aneurysm but not about his visions, and wants to keep him around for a while. Maggie describes Eli as "special."

Taylor and Jordan meet with Ellen and her lawyer Elliott Russell, and Ellen talks about how Jordan has changed and she's no longer part of his life. She doesn't want to give up her life and is demanding the house and a large chunk of alimony, despite the fact he can no longer provide it. Taylor objects but Jordan notes that's what Ellen deserves. Taylor tells them they'll get back to them and tells Ellen she's ashamed of her.

Nate is buying a new office with the money he got from the hospital settlement and Eli is there to take a look. Nate also figures out Eli had sex with Ashley. Nate asks if Ashley knows about Eli's visions, and Eli says he plans to tell her that night. Nate doesn't think it's a good idea but Eli isn't ashamed of it.

That night, Eli explains about his visions and Ashley is overwhelmed, and Eli wishes she'd just forget it. Eli goes to see Frank and explains what happened, and Frank complains. Eli figures that Frank is cranky because business isn't going well, while Dr. Lee is getting customers in droves. When Frank complains that Eli doesn't pay, Eli leaves.

Matt and Taylor are shopping for maternity clothing and discussing Jordan's divorce. Matt suggests that Taylor should try to work something out with Ellen and Taylor admits he's right.

In court, FBI agent Jonathan Maine testifies that they found home supply material all stripped of its radioactive material, and says it could be used to create a dirty bomb. On cross-exam, Eli confirms that Maine found nothing except radioactive material: no schematics or common explosives. Eli and Keith suggest she takes the stand but she still refuses, claiming she doesn't care what people think. Eli figures she does care what people think and she reluctantly agrees.

Taylor goes to talk with a suspicious Ellen and Taylor explains that Jordan doesn't have the money Ellen wants. Ellen says that Jordan hid his assets in off-shore accounts during his first divorce and had his wife Susan declared incompetent to parent to get custody. Taylor believes that her mother left her because she didn't want the burden and Ellen explains that only happened after Jordan had her declared incompetent.

Maggie comes to see Eli and as a friend discusses his relationship with Ashley. He explains what happened and Maggie notes that Ashley isn't looking for anything serious. He realizes Maggie told her he was "special" and set Ashley up, and he figures Maggie is jealous. Maggie complains that all she does is protect him and storms out.

Genny testifies in court that her notebook contains advanced mathematical equations and nothing that's usable as a weapon. She explains that she's working on a cold fusion project and Eli has a professor's statement confirming her claims. Afterwards, Eli calls Ashley and tries to get her to go on a date with him to dinner with Nate and his fiancée Beth. Ashley agrees to the dinner.

Back in court, the prosecuting attorney determines that Genny has few friends and worked in isolation. Genny says that the government and big business' would want to suppress her discovery, and she's been arrested by the government because they object to her. The judge calls for a meeting in chambers and informs the attorneys that she wasn't building a bomb but she was in possession of dangerous materials. Eli warns that Genny won't agree to serve jail time but the minimum sentence is 25 years. The judge tells him to come up with something.

Ashley is running late for dinner and Beth notes that she's lucky to have Eli. She finally text messages to tell Eli she's not coming and Eli goes to get a drink. He notices an envelope with plane tickets to Vegas: Nate and Beth tell him they're eloping.

Jordan comes to see Taylor, who cancelled their lunch date. She informs him she talked to his former divorce attorney who confirmed what he did to her mother. Jordan tries to explain and admits he wasn't a great person then and is trying to change now, and he tried to get his wife to stay for Taylor's sake. Taylor doesn't believe him and orders him out.

Eli returns to his apartment to find Ashley waiting for him. She apologizes for standing him up after realizing he had so much baggage. Ashley doesn't want to deal with someone with serious issues even if he's a great guy.

For once, Eli makes an appointment to see Frank, and Frank quickly realizes Ashley dumped him. Frank figures it's for the best, but Eli admits he doesn't want to be alone. Eli asks Frank to use the dark truth technique to find his destiny and if he'll ever find someone, but Frank warns it's dangerous and he won't do it.

Back at the office, Keith visits Eli as he tries to find a way to help Genny. Keith notes Eli's visions don't always come out the way he figures and he's checked with Irving Wallender, a Los Alamos scientist and world expert on cold fusion who wrote an article about not finding cold fusion in 400 years. Eli recognizes the name from his vision and brings him to prison to see Genny. Wallender read her notebook and got all the charges dropped in return for working with him at Los Alamos. Genny refuses and Eli talks to her in private, and she insists she doesn't want people to know about her. Eli figures she does despite her denials and doesn't want to be alone. However, she has a gift and she has to give it to the world.

Jordan and Taylor meet with Ellen and Jordan gives in to most of Ellen's demands. Taylor refuses to talk to her father. Ellen thanks Taylor but realizes she's caused a rift and warns that Taylor is her father's whole world.

Nate comes to see Eli. Genny took the job. Eli tells Nate that Ashley dropped him but he plans to be at the wedding as the best man.

Jordan confronts Taylor, informing her that what he did was unforgivable but it was a bitter divorce and both sides behaved badly. He thought her mother was flighty and difficult, and the fact she left proves it. Taylor tells him an apology won't be enough.

Eli goes to see Dr. Lee and asks about the dark truth technique. Lee initially denies it but finally warns it's dangerous and she doesn't want to do it. Eli offers to pay whatever it takes and she gives in. Eli screams in pain… and finds himself looking on as Beth tells Nate she can't marry him.

(Aired on Tuesday December 16 2008 on the ABC Television Network)

'Eli Stone' stars Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone, Victor Garber as Jordan Wethersby, Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby, Loretta Devine as Patti, Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, James Saito as Dr. Chen, Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone, Jason George as Keith Bennett and Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker.

Guest stars include, Laura Benanti as Beth Keller, Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby, Melinda Clarke as Dr. Lee, Jonathan Banks as Agent Jonathan Maine, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Michael Pelfrey, Michael B. Silver as Elliott Russell, Richard Gant as Judge Marlon Anderson, Jonathan McMurtry as Shop Owner, George Murdock as Future Irving Wallender, Victor McCay as Irving Wallender, Danielle Panabaker as Genny Clarke and Bridget Moynahan as Ashley Cardiff.

'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' was written by Leila Gerstein and directed by Ron Underwood.