Episode 07 - Help

'Help' - Eli convinces Frank to go to a movie and Frank notes that Eli has been spending a lot of time with him. He suggests Eli to go on a date with his current patient, who is trying to stop smoking. As they sit down, Eli sees Patti singing Help on the screen and Eli finds himself in the movie. Patti says that she is innocent, but before Eli can get an answer, Eli finds himself standing up in the theater.

The next morning Eli tries to get hold of Patti. After leaving her a voice mail asking if she needs his help, he finds her in his office talking to someone on her cell phone. She barges out and says she's taking a sick day, and informs Eli that Angela has been arrested. Eli insists on going with her and bringing Keith with them.

Taylor reminds Jordan that he had a meeting and he admits that he's been busy and has to attend a banquet. Taylor explains that she and Matt are going to a pediatrician and will be seeing the first sonogram of her baby. In court Angela is charged with six major drug felonies involving theft of a synthetic opiate while working at the hospital school and Keith tries to get her released without bail, but the judge refuses and Eli offers to pay the bail, insisting she's innocent.

Eli, Keith, and Patti meet with Angela and she insists she's innocent. Patti hesitates to agree with her but Eli insists that Angela is innocent. Keith is suspicious but Eli says that the district attorney is the one who will have to make the case.

Taylor and Matt meet with Dr. Lenz, who initially wonders who Matt is. It's somewhat awkward but Taylor finally says Matt is the biological father. They proceed with the sonogram and she assures them that the baby is doing fine.

At P&K, the assigning partner, Paul Rollins, introduces Maggie to Ashley Cardiff, the daughter of the owner of Cardiff Refineries. Ashley wants them to set up a charitable fund to fix the damage their pipeline has done in Alaska. When Maggie objects because she was given authority to prioritize her pro bono cases, Paul points out he doesn't care what she thinks. Maggie complains to Matt, who is distracted and admits that he was uncomfortable because it wasn't clear why he was there. He admits he hasn't told Taylor that he loves her and he's uncomfortable saying it to her.

Keith meets with Angela who asks him if he told Patti about the blood work and Keith says he didn't, but he told Eli. She wonders if he thinks he's guilty and Keith says that he's going to do his best. Angela says she wants him to believe in her, not the principle, and storms out. Meanwhile, Patti brings coffee for Eli and he admits it doesn't look good. She says she's been praying and that Angela is her entire life, then says that she heard Eli's message saying she needed help before she heard about Angela. Patti wonders if he had a vision and he admits that he did. Eli explains that the vision showed that Angela was innocent and Patti is relieved.

Dr. Goodman testifies against Angela noting that all the drugs are carefully logged and she's the only one who withdrew the drugs without a record for a specific patient. He also testifies that Angela was withdrawn and moody. On cross-exam, Eli notes that other staff are withdrawn and moody, and that no one saw the drug being removed. Next, Jarrells prepares to call the arresting officer, Jerome Sawyer, to testify concerning Angela's DUI arrest, as the blood test will show she traded the opiate for cocaine. Keith and Eli call for a mistrial without success. In conference, Angela admits she was using coke at a party but she only did it once and she didn't steal the drugs. Eli tells her to work with them and she gives them the name of a man who gave her the coke and had access to the drugs at the hospital.

Matt and Maggie meet with Ashley, who notes Maggie doesn't like her. Maggie denies it and Ashley doesn't believe her but admits she's not very likeable and many people think she's trying to buy a conscience. Matt gets a private call and Maggie explains what he's going through and how he's trying to find a special occasion and that Taylor's favorite singer Seal is in town but he can't get tickets. Ashley offers to find tickets because she knows Seal's wife Heidi Klum and Matt gratefully accepts.

Taylor goes to Jordan and tells him that she discovered that Jordan is using the company credit card to purchase a hotel room. He admits that he's been living in a hotel recently and he and her stepmother are taking some time apart. He explains that at first after his accident, things were better but he and Ellen have been drifting since. Taylor asks him to stay with her and he turns her down, but he does accept a hug.

Keith brings in Mark Young: Angela's dealer. She traded him the stolen opiate for coke, and Mark has a record of her phone calls to him. Eli tells Young to leave and still insists Angela is innocent, but Keith says he can't ignore the truth. Eli reluctantly explains he had a vision that she was innocent. Keith is skeptical and notes that Eli might be avoiding the truth.

Eli goes to visit Frank, who asks if Eli called the number of the girl he gave her. Frank notes Eli isn't going to like every message he's been told to deliver, and is worried how Patti will react. Eli admits that everyone close to him seems to get hurt and he's reluctant to get close to someone else. Frank insists that they are better for Eli's intervention but Eli says that Patti has always believed in him and he violated her trust.

Matt and Taylor go to the club where Seal is performing and finally brings himself to say he loves her. Seal comes out and as he sings about change. Afterward, Taylor admits she isn't sure if she loves him. He figures that she's the dude, the one who is pushing him away and refuses to share her feelings, and walks off.

Eli and Keith talk to Patti and Eli says that he made a mistake. Angela comes in and Patti demands that she tell the truth. Angela tries to protest her innocence but finally gives in and admits she's a drug addict. Patti doesn't believe it's her and Angela say she doesn't know anything about her, but has always put pressure on her to be perfect. They snap at each other and Patti slaps her daughter, and Angela says she couldn't see it because of her own problem. Angela walks out and Eli asks what Angela meant. Patti says she was wrong to put her faith in Eli and leaves.

Later, Jordan talks to Eli about Patti. Eli has been unable to get hold of her and admits he didn't think anything could get to her. Knowing how much Eli cares about Patti, Jordan tells her that she's an alcoholic going back to when she was Jordan's secretary. One day Jordan was forced to get her out of a bar and he told her she'd have to stop or he would fire her. She quit but never got actual treatment, and Eli asks which bar it was.

Keith pulls up as Angela is preparing to run away to avoid prison. He warns her that if she leaves, things are only going to get worse. He asks her which Angela she is now, the druggie or the woman with brains that he has faith in. Keith insists he always believed in her and she has a lot to fix, but she knows she can do it.

Eli goes to the bar where Jordan found Patti, and finds her there drinking. Eli mentions his alcoholic father and wonders why she thought he wouldn't understand. She's angry at him for trying to interfere when she's trying to feel a little better. Eli says that Angela might go to prison and she needs Patti. Patti thinks it's her fault and she's a fraud. Eli says that he's been angry before, but now he understands that he has the chance to help someone he loves.

Keith and Eli get a reduced sentence for Angela of probation and community service, no jail, and Keith explains that he helped Jarrells with another case by providing her with an anonymous tip about the knife belonging to a previous client who cut up his girlfriend. Angela agrees to accept the terms and thanks them both. Once they leave, Angela apologizes but Patti admits some of what she said is true, but she loves her. They agree to help each other. Outside, Eli admits that Keith was right and Keith admits he'd like to see what Eli sees just once.

As Eli leaves for his blind date, Jordan invites him to dinner and Eli has to turn him down. Eli asks what's the matter and Jordan says that he and Ellen have separated. Jordan says he'll talk to him about it some other night.

The next morning, Matt is out on the balcony at the office when Taylor comes out and apologizes for not being able to take the same leap that he did. She tells him what she is feeling, that she doesn't know if she loves him yet. She's like her father, and not willing to share her feelings. The last time she did, it was with Eli and he broke up with her. Taylor admits she's making the switch and that she knows one thing, they'll have to get crazy… and calls in Seal to sing for them, as Maggie and Ashley look on.

Keith accompanies Patti and Angela as they get Angela treatment.

Jordan is alone in his hotel.

Matt and Taylor are in bed, reading about what to expect with the pregnancy.

Patti attends her first AA meeting.

Eli meets his blind date: Ashley Cardiff.

(Aired on Tuesday December 09 2008 on the ABC Television Network)

'Eli Stone' stars Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone, Victor Garber as Jordan Wethersby, Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby, Loretta Devine as Patti, Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, James Saito as Dr. Chen, Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone, Jason George as Keith Bennett and Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker.

Guest stars includes, Seal as Himself, Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins, Deirdre Lovejoy as ADA Samantha Jarrells, Lynn A. Henderson as Dr. Betty Lenz, Peter MacKenzie as Dr. Stephen Goodman, Michael Kostroff as Judge Nelson, Bridget Moynahan as Ashley Cardiff, Taraji Henson as Angela Dellacroix,
Reid Warner as Matt Young, Mike Baldridge as Court Clerk, Kim Delgado as AA Meeting Leader, Jerry Hauck as Bartender and Geoffrey Gould as Bar Patron.

'Help' was written by Andrew Kreisberg and Steve Lichtman and directed by Michael Grossman.