Episode 11 - Mortal Combat

'Mortal Combat' - Continuing from the last episode where Matt, Maggie, Eli and Taylor went to Sonoma to interview a witness for a big case they were battling each other on, the WSA team meets with their client, Sam, who is a former primetime news anchor who was moved to less prestigious morning slot because he wanted to run a less than favorable story about one of the station's sponsors. He saw this demotion as tantamount to being fired, so he quit. Now he's suing the station and though a generous settlement has been offered, Sam doesn't want to take it.

Eli is up for the fight, despite Maggie absconding with all the potential evidence provided by their Sonoma witness. The night before the court case, he has a vision about Roman gladiators. He has no idea what it means, but he won't seek help from Dr. Chen because he still isn't speaking to him or Nate over the whole revelation about Chen performing the Dark Truth on his father before he died.

Taylor questions Eli over why Maggie is not releasing the Sonoma documents to them as opposing counsel, but he doesn't 'fess up about the fact that they slept together. Taylor is still acting coldly towards her father. Things aren't so chilly with Matt, even though they are going up against each other in court. Taylor reminds him that they are scheduled for a 3D ultrasound the next day, and Matt is looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby even though Taylor wants to wait.

Eli and Maggie spat over the fact she is withholding evidence from him, and that she hasn't returned any of his calls. Maggie's playing hardball, and despite Eli arguing in front of the judge that he's entitled to see the documents, the ruling is in Maggie's favor. Maggie pushes things further when she tries to get Eli disqualified from the case because he thinks he's a profit. Eli's rejoinder reveals the fact that he and Maggie had sex, that Matt and Taylor are also involved and having a baby, and that Taylor is his ex. The judge doesn't have much patience for all the daytime drama going on and allows Eli to stay on the case.

At P&K, Matt decides he needs to remain at work for a trial strategy meeting rather than attend the ultrasound with Taylor, which doesn't exactly put him in the good books with her.

Maggie is turning out to be a worthy adversary for Eli. When their client takes the stand but his testimony isn't as successful as Eli and Taylor would like, Jordan reveals the importance of them winning their case. Things aren't going so well at WSA, financially speaking. They need a big win to ensure the doors will stay open.

Matt makes up for missing the ultrasound by letting himself into Taylor's place early the next morning to make her breakfast in bed. Taylor admits to him about her firm's financial woes, and her concern that she's pregnant and facing unemployment. Matt lets her know there's an opening for a family lawyer at P&K but Taylor says she'd rather be a stay at home mom than work in that detestable firm.

Eli has another Italian vision, only this time it's the present and it includes Maggie. He still has no clue what it means. When he talks it over with Taylor she encourages him to smooth things over with Maggie. She points out that there's a lot more going on between Eli and Maggie than he'd like to admit, and that it's obvious to everyone that they belong together. Taylor tells him to talk to her.

The case is getting in the way, however. As Maggie makes more ground and it's not looking good for the WSA side, they catch a break when they're able to get the Sonoma documents released to them. But the P&K team isn't going to make it easy for them to find their trump card when the documents turn out to be in one of the hundreds of archive boxes. Taylor loses it at Matt, calling their actions illegal. He argues that it's just tactics, but she hits him with a low blow when she questions what kind of man he is to do something like that, and what kind of father he'll make.

Just when it's looking hopeless that P&K will never find the evidence they need, Eli spots a box with the picture of a gladiator on it. Suddenly the visions make sense. In court, they submit into evidence an email that makes a win for their side seem much more likely. Riding high, Eli finally talks to Maggie about what happened between them. He's about to open up about how he feels when she reveals that she's over him – it took sleeping together to give her the kind of closure she needed to move on. But she says they can still be friends. Eli is crushed.

Eli is convincing with his closing argument, but so is Maggie. While the teams have an anxious wait for the jury's verdict, Matt - unbeknownst to Maggie and Paul - lures Eli into a courthouse broom closet with the news that his client would be willing to offer a $5 million settlement. Taylor and Eli, knowing a one-third contingency in that kind of money would guarantee their firm's future, almost have their client ready to take the deal. But Jordan argues that Sam would be letting the bad guys win and he'd regret it later. His passion about doing what is right convinces Sam to reject the settlement. In court, the jury delivers the bad news, they find for P&K's client. On top of losing his case, Eli has yet another vision about Maggie, although this time he sees her kissing Paul.

At P&K, Paul is toasting their victory, made sweeter because of the fact WSA made no money from the case. He makes special note of Maggie's prowess in the court room. After the team disbands, he also delivers a smack down to Matt for leaking the settlement offer to WSA.

That night the celebrations are a bit more subdued at Wethersby, Stone & Associates. Jordan says he can sell some paintings to keep them afloat for another 6 months, but everyone is gloomy. Taylor lets him know her dad isn't alone, which he is relieved to hear given their recent falling out. Then Matt arrives to see if they're hiring – turns out P&K isn't a place he wants to be. A happy Taylor offers him a job on the spot, though Jordan points out they can barely afford to pay him minimum wage. Matt tells Taylor he wants to show the baby what it means to stand up for the things you care about. Taylor says "she's going to be very lucky to have you as a dad". So it turns out it's going to be a girl. Matt couldn't be more ecstatic.

Eli, inspired by Matt and Taylor's happiness, decides to give it one more try with Maggie. He goes to her office with a bunch of roses, only to see her leaving with Paul. He's left with the realization that he's missed his chance with her.

(Airs on Saturday June 27 2009 on the ABC Television Network)

'Eli Stone' stars Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone, Victor Garber as Jordan Wethersby, Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby, Loretta Devine as Patti, Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, James Saito as Dr. Chen, Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone, Jason George as Keith Bennett and Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker.

Guest stars include, Jamey Sheridan, Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins, James Morrison as Dan Buckley, Jodi Long as Judge Marcia Phelps, Suzie Plakson as Jesse Bates, Wren T. Brown as Ryan Church, Jill Simonian as Kimberly Chavez, Rafael Memoli as Gladiator, Adria Johnson as Associate, Carlos Cervantes as Jury Foreman and James Kiriyama-Lem as Bailiff.

'Mortal Combat' was written by Marc Guggenheim and Leila Gerstein and directed by Michael Schultz.