Episode 13 - Soul Free

'Soul Free' - Eli's fate rests in the hands of his brother, Nathan. The case of a man's right to die coincides with Eli's surgery to remove his brain aneurysm - a procedure that develops complications which could leave him in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. As Eli's client tries to die with dignity, Nathan wrestles with whether to remove Eli from life support, and Dr. Chen realizes the secret of his connection to Eli. And Eli comes face to face with... God? If so, why does the almighty look so much like George Michael?

(Aired on Thursday April 17 2008 on the ABC Television Network)

'Eli Stone' stars Jonny Lee Miller as Eli Stone, Victor Garber as Jordan Wethersby, Natasha Henstridge as Taylor Wethersby, Laura Benanti as Beth, Loretta Devine as Patti, Sam Jaeger as Matt Dowd, James Saito as Dr. Chen, Matt Letscher as Nathan Stone and Julie Gonzalo as Maggie Dekker.

Guest stars include George Michael as himself, Jason George as Keith Bennett, Jayne Brook as Rebecca Green, Rick Worthy as Leonard Dupler, Ajay Mehta as Dr. Rajapaksa, Vincent Guastaferro as Judge Zeile and Richard Schiff as David Green.

'Soul Free' was written by Andrew Kreisberg and Courtney Kemp Agboh and directed by Christopher Misiano.


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